Financial Disclosure

Ohio’s law requires many public officials and employees to file personal financial disclosure statements each year.   The Ethics Commission administers the financial disclosure requirement for those officials and employees.  The Commission prepares the form each year, provides assistance to filers, receives forms, and makes filed forms available to the public.

From this page, you can:

  • Find out how to file your statement;
  • Request a copy of a statement you or someone else previously filed; and
  • Get financial disclosure basics such as who is required to file, when statements are due, and what must be disclosed. 

Also, county boards of elections, city clerks of council, and other financial disclosure liaisons can click on the link below to get updates, process changes, and other information about administering the financial disclosure requirements. 

Former Statements

You can request copies of previously filed statements dating back to our founding.

Statements: 2004-Current

Statements: 1974-2003

Available Financial Disclosure Services

Additional Resources