For Matters Relating To... Please Contact:
Financial Disclosure filing procedures, including filing deadlines and fees Jen Boger - FDS Analyst
Brian Ring - IT and Financial Disclosure Administrator
Functions or administration of the Ethics commission, including fiscal and human resource issues Paul Nick - Executive Director
Alan Carlson - HR/Fiscal Manager
Media inquiries Paul Nick - Executive Director
Susan Willeke - Education and Communications Administrator
Requesting an ethics speaker / Training Susan Willeke - Education and Communications Administrator
Requesting a copy of a previously filed Financial Disclosure Statement Eric Bruce - Customer Service Representative
Requesting an Ethics Commission publication or other public records request James Hood - General Counsel
Questions about the Ethics Law as it applies to you and;
How to answer a question on your Financial Disclosure Statement
Chris Woeste - Chief Advisory Attorney
Questions about a pending complaint for failing to file a required Financial Disclosure Statement Molly Bruns - Investigative Attorney
The Commission's investigative authority
Note: Because it is impossible to ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet, the Commission does not accept allegations of misconduct by e-mail. If you would like to make an allegation, please call the Commission at (614) 466-7090, and ask to speak with a special investigator.
James Hood - General Counsel
The Ohio Ethics Commission's Web Site and E-Courses Nick Rohrbaugh - Education and Communications Specialist