Six-Part E-Course Series

This “phased” Ethics Law Training is a new concept that consists of a six-part e-course series (each course approximately 10 – 15 minutes long).

*** Please note that proof of attendance is not provided for these brief e-courses. Therefore, this option is not designed for individual study, but rather for staff or board/commission meetings. View e-course every other month at a staff or board meeting, the primary provisions of Ethics Law have been covered in one year! Your agency should internally track and maintain records of: courses shown, dates shown, and attendees.

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The Ohio Ethics Law and Conflicts of Interest

What is a conflict of interest? Must they be avoided? How do I respond if I have a conflict? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, this is the course for you. This e-course will examine issues related to conflicts of interest in public service, provide real-life example, and offer guidance on responding to conflicts. (15 minutes)

The Ohio Ethics Law and Gifts

Wondering if you can tee up with your agency’s vendor? Or accept the tin of cookies from someone in the regulated community? This brief e-course will explore the Conflict of Interest provision of the Ethics Law as it relates to gifts. A helpful course for anyone in the public sector as well as private sector entities who do business with or are regulated by a state or local governmental agency. (11 minutes)

The Ohio Ethics Law and Public Contracts

Simply put, a public contract is the expenditure of public money. Though public entities routinely spend money on routine goods and services, there are prohibitions against public officials and employees from having a financial interest in those expenditures. This e-course will explore the definition and examples of public interest and outline associated prohibitions. (8 minutes)

The Ohio Ethics Law and Nepotism

Public agencies are required to conduct all hiring activity in a fair, open and impartial manner. Therefore, nepotism – hiring or influencing the hiring process in favor of a family member into a public service position – is illegal. Watch this brief e-course for more information. (7 minutes)

The Ohio Ethics Law and Sales to Public Agencies

Public agencies routinely purchase goods or services to ensure the efficient operation of the agencies’ missions – that’s normal and expected. Is it acceptable, however, for public employees and public officials to sell those goods and services to their own, or in some cases, to other public agencies? This brief e-course outlines prohibitions in the Ethics Law regarding public servants and sales to public agencies. (8 minutes)

The Ohio Ethics Law and Post-Employment

Thinking of a new career adventure? Public officials and employees who are leaving public service or moving from one public position to another are subject to job-seeking and post-employment provisions of the Ethics Law and related statutes. These laws help ensure that the public is fairly represented in all interactions with the public and private sectors. This brief e-course offers information on how to make a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life. (11 minutes)

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