Fact Sheets

 The Ohio Ethics Law And Ohio Ethics Commission

Provides a summary of the Ohio Ethics Law and describes the work of the Ohio Ethics Commission, including advice, training, and investigations. Also, offers alternative contacts for issues outside the Ohio Ethics Commission’s jurisdiction.

 Ohio Ethics Law Overview

This document makes the law easy to understand by explaining it in simple terms. The document also contains examples, links to fact sheets, and advisory opinions that make the Ethics Law understandable and relatable.

 Conflicts of Interest

In-depth view of prohibitions on public officials or employees taking official action or making decisions in matters that definitely and directly affect themselves, their family members, or their business associates. Includes discussion of regulatory matters, property matters, dual public service, representation restrictions, sales to public agencies, and much more.

 Gifts and Other Things of Value

A summary of gift prohibitions under the Ohio Ethics Law for the public and private sectors. Topics covered include general restrictions, donations, discounts, travel issues, supplemental compensation, and much more.

 Public Contracts

A detailed look at all things public contracts. General prohibitions, grants, sales to public agencies, and hiring/supervising family members are just a few of the topics discussed in this valuable resource.

 Revolving Door Law

Your “go to” document when you are thinking about your next steps, whether that is retirement or leaving one governmental entity for another. This fact sheet provides a helpful overview of restrictions on government job-seeking as well as prohibitions after leaving public service.

 Financial Disclosure

Outlines requirements regarding financial disclosure statements, which are annual reports filed by many public officials and employees. Includes information regarding who files, when, and required information on the form.

 Financial Disclosure Statements Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions on how to complete the financial disclosure form and other helpful information.

 Specific Public Professions and Roles

Explores how the Ohio Ethics Law applies to specific public professions, including public retirement systems, the Ohio Casino Control Commission, and volunteer firefighters. More in-depth resources for public school districts and public universities/colleges:

 The Ohio Ethics Law 101: The Ethics Toolkit for Public School Districts

An outline of the Ethics Law for officials and employees who work for, or serve, public school districts in Ohio.

 The Ohio Ethics Law for Public Universities & Colleges

An outline of the Ethics Law for officials and employees who work for, or serve, public colleges and universities in Ohio.

 The Private Sector

Guidance for private sector entities that are regulated by or do business with governmental offices. Discusses interactions between public agencies and private companies and addresses some of the most frequently asked questions from private sector entities regarding the Ohio Ethics Law.

 Model Ethics Policies

Model ethics policies for state and local governments that have been endorsed by the Ohio Ethics Commission. The Commission encourages state agencies and local jurisdictions to use and distribute the policy to communicate the general terms of the Ethics Law.

Please note that, although the model policies communicate the general terms of the Ethics Law, they do not replace the Ethics Law statutes, which control the conduct of all public officials and employees within the state of Ohio. We recommend the appropriate policy be distributed along with a copy of the Ethics Law, if a jurisdiction or agency choose to uses the policy. (The Ethics Law requires that each public agency provide a copy of the Ethics Law to each public official or employee serving the agency within 15 days of hire, election, or appointment. Each official or employee must acknowledge, in writing, that he or she has received the policy.) A copy of the Ethics Law can be obtained by contacting us.

Please contact our office if you have questions relating to the model policies.