Frequently Asked Questions - Identifying Information

The Commission requests this information in order to contact you. However, you are not required to provide the information.

This question helps the Commission know whether you have provided the information you are required to provide. If you have more than one filing status, please check all boxes that apply at the time you are completing the statement. For example, if you have been elected to an office and are a candidate, check both boxes.

If you have been appointed to a state board or commission, or are a member of a university or college board of trustees, your filing status is “Public Official."

You should list the name of the public agency that you serve. If you are a county sheriff, you should list the name of the county. If you are a city council member, you should list the name of the city. If you are a state board member, you should list the name of the board.

You should use both your legal name and any other name under which you appear on the ballot when completing the FDS.

Yes. You may be required to disclose information in response to more than one disclosure question. For example, a source you have disclosed as an investment is also a source of income and must be disclosed in both categories.