Frequently Asked Questions - Filing Fees and Late Fees

The fee depends on the position the filer holds or for which the filer is a candidate:

State elected office holder or candidate $ 95.00
State Board of Education member or candidate $ 35.00
County elected office holder or candidate $ 60.00
City elected office holder or candidate $ 35.00
School district board of education member or candidate $ 30.00
ESC governing board member $ 30.00
School district or ESC superintendent, treasurer, or business manager $ 30.00
All other filers $ 60.00

The late filing fee is $10 per day, up to a maximum of $250, for all filers regardless of the position held. R.C. 102.02(F). If your statement is due on May 15th and you file it on May 24th, the statement is nine days late and the late filing fee is $90.

According to  Ohio Elections Commission Advisory Opinion No. 97ELC-03, an FDS filing fee is an appropriate expenditure from a campaign committee fund.

You should contact the Ohio Auditor’s Office to determine whether the agency can pay your filing fee.