Frequently Asked Questions - After Statement is Filed

The Commission staff reviews every statement for completeness. If you forget to sign the statement, or leave any other disclosure item unanswered, a copy of the pages with incomplete information will be returned to you for you to complete them within a specific time period. If the statement is not completed and returned, the Commission can treat it as unfiled, charge late fees, or pursue penalties. OAC 102-5-07.

The law requires that a statement filed with the Commission must be complete at the time it is filed. For that reason, a filer cannot amend a statement once it has been filed.

However, a filer can submit additional information for attachment to a previously filed statement. The Commission reviews the request to add inadvertently forgotten information to determine whether it should be attached to the previously filed statement as inadvertently excluded. Once the information is attached to the statement, it will be retained as if it had been disclosed at the time the statement was originally filed.

Alternately, if the Commission concludes that the filer knowingly withheld the information or knowingly filed a false statement, it can pursue other compliance measures. OAC 102-5-09.

Yes. The Commission can request additional information about any disclosure item from any disclosure filer. R.C. 102.06(B); OAC 102-5-08.


If you filed your statement electronically through the Commission’s portal at, you can obtain a copy at any time by logging into the account you used when filing your statement.

Otherwise, you can call, send a letter or e-mail to the Commission, or stop by the Commission’s office, and the staff will provide you with a copy of your statement.

If you filed a confidential statement, you will need to either come to the Commission’s office with a valid state or federal ID, submit a signed letter requesting the copy and providing a secure mailing address, or send an email before the staff will release a copy. The Commission can only release a confidential statement via email to the email address that was provided on the statement, or the email address associated with the account used to file the statement electronically.