Frequently Asked Questions - Land (Real Estate) in Ohio

No. A filer is not required to disclose his or her personal residence. R.C. 102.02(A)(2)(d).

No. A filer is not required to disclose property located outside the state of Ohio. R.C. 102.02(A)(2)(d).

However, you will have to disclose the renters, or any company to which the rental payments are made, as a source of income to you in response to the income question.

No. A filer is not required to disclose any property used primarily for personal recreation. R.C. 102.02(A)(2)(d).

Yes. A member of an LLC has a beneficial interest in the property owned by the LLC. For that reason, you are required to disclose the property on your FDS.  Adv. Op. No. 2006-02.

A filer is also required to disclose property owned by a partnership if the filer is a partner in the partnership.  Adv. Op. No. 76-012.

Yes. It is sometimes necessary for a filer to disclose the same, or related, information in more than one disclosure category.

You can disclose the address for the property. If the property does not have an address, you can disclose the legal description for the property (plat number, etc.) and the county in which it is located.