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 Nepotism Restrictions (Information Sheet #1)

A review of the prohibitions of hiring family members into public service.

 Selling Goods or Services to a Local Public Agency (Information Sheet #2)

Restrictions for local public officials who wish to sell goods or services to the agency she serves

 State Officials or Employees Selling Goods or Services (Information Sheet #3)

Restrictions for state officials or employees who wish to sell goods or services to a state agency.

 Seeking New or Outside Employment (Information Sheet #4)

Explains how the Law applies when a public official or employee is searching for a new job or outside employment.

 Post-Employment Restrictions (Information Sheet #5)

What you need to know when leaving a public job or position.

 Board Member Seeking Employment with the Board (Information Sheet #6)

Restrictions for those serving on public boards and commissions.

 Accepting Gifts, Meals or Entertainment (Information Sheet #7)

Helpful information regarding what public servants may or may not accept.

 Property Matter Affecting a Public Official or Employee (Information Sheet #8)

Information for officials serving a public agency that is considering a matter that affects property in which the official has an interest.

 Casinos and the Ohio Ethics Law (Information Sheet #9)

General information regarding existing and newly created Ethics Law restrictions that apply to the public officials charged with overseeing the casino industry.

 Cuyahoga County (Information Sheet #10)

Provides a general overview of the Ethics Law for officials and employees in new and existing Cuyahoga County agencies.

 Public-Private Partnerships (Information Sheet #11)

Discusses interactions between public agencies and private businesses or organizations.

 Person Serving in Multiple Public Positions (Information Sheet #12)

Explains the Law as it applies to any person who wants to hold more than one public position at the same time.

 Property Matter Affecting Family Members (Information Sheet #13)

How the Law applies when an official serves a public agency that is considering a matter involving the property of her family member.

 Regulatory Matter Affecting a Public Official or Employee (Information Sheet #14)

How the law applies when a public official’s agency is considering a regulatory matter in which the public official has an interest.

 Business Associates and Public Contracts (Information Sheet #15)

Restrictions regarding public officials and employees using a public position to secure public contracts for outside business associates.