Frequently Searched Topics

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Conflicts of Interest

 86-007    (interest in private business licensed by board)
 87-003    (serving on public board and non-profit board)
 88-004    (general and uniform benefits)
 89-006    (teaching at college that receives public grants)
 91-006    (public official’s interest in gas and oil well drilling matters)
 91-009    (representation restrictions)
 92-013    (participating in infrastructure improvement matters)
 92-019    (participating in road extension matters impacting council member)
 93-016    (outside business interests)
 96-002    (representation restrictions)
 96-004    (conflicts related to private outside employment)
 98-002    (matters impacting family member’s property)
 99-004    (simultaneously serving on ESC and JVS boards)
 2007-01  (council member employed by college)
 2011-02  (department director’s abstention)
 2013-01  (participating in matters affecting outside employer)
 2016-01  (employment with non-profit that receives public assistance)
 2018-02  (participation in property matters)


 86-003    (serving as Veteran Home resident’s executor)
 86-011    (travel, meal and lodging matters)
 89-002    (donations to public entities)
 89-014    (travel, meal and lodging matters)
 90-001    (travel, meal and lodging matters)
 92-014    (grants and regional planning commissions)
 92-015    (public employees and discounts)
 95-001    (city council and sports tickets)
 96-003    (disclosing gifts on financial disclosure statement)
 97-001    (public officials and incentives to retire)
 2001-03  (public official and substantial things of value)
 2001-04  (travel, meal and lodging matters)
 2002-02  (meals, open houses & receptions at conferences)
 2003-03  (gifts and meals provided to college employees)
 2009-01  (gifts from spouse’s employer)
 2009-03  (tickets to charitable events)
 2019-01  (ceremonials gifts)
 2020-01  (bequests)


 80-001    (public contract and family member)
 82-003    (school board member voting on spouse’s union contract)
 85-015    (sheriff obtaining public employment for spouse)
 89-005    (school board member voting on spouse’s union contract)
 90-004    (city council member married to municipal judge)
 91-004    (city council member married to planning commission member)
 92-012    (city council member married to city employee)
 92-017    (school board member receiving benefits from spouse employed by school district)
 97-004    (library employee with family member seeking employment)
 98-003    (school superintendent with family members working for district)
 2008-03  (definition of family, including stepchildren)
 2009-02  (matters involving family member’s employer)
 2010-03  (nepotism restrictions)


 82-002    (former state auditor employee representing new employer)
 86-001    (former employee of Department of Insurance representing client before former employer)
 86-006    (former state employees representing new employer)
 89-003    (post-employment restrictions for those who had solid/hazardous waste discretion)
 89-009    (former transit authority employee contracting with transit authority)
 91-003    (post-employment restrictions for those who had solid/hazardous waste discretion)
 92-005    (former assistant law director retained by port authority)
 99-001    (post-employment restrictions and former county Child Support Enforcement Agency attorneys)
 2012-03  (new revolving door exceptions)
 2012-04  (revolving door law exception)

Sales to Public Agencies

 82-007    (accounting firm partner contracting with regional sewer district appointed as district trustee)
 84-013    (city employee marketing software developed by private employer)
 84-014    (public employee receiving commission for purchase from private employer)
 87-002    (county official selling property/services to county)
 88-008    (city council member serving as insurance company director with public contract by city council)
 89-010    (selling tool sharpening services to another state agency)
 90-003    (school board member selling goods/services to school district)
 90-005    (school district employees selling good on “as needed” basis)
 2001-02  (port authority board member owns company seeking bond)